AIZU DATA VALLEY (provisional)


Data platform and each business

Data platform (Foundation)

Promotion of accumulation and utilization of open data

Promote opening of public data by establishing "DATA for CITIZEN (data for citizen)" open data utilization base. In addition to being able to view published data on DATA for CITIZEN, we can also develop services and applications that make use of data on the same infrastructure.


Promotion of local production for local consumption of energy

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we aim to "renew the local production of energy" by increasing the supply ratio of renewable energy

Various renewable energy generation facilities such as hydropower station, mega solar, wood biomass, wind power, etc. are in operation → Aim for 60% of primary energy demand as supply target in 2023 Thorough energy saving


Digital marketing for foreign travelers

Aizu area boasts abundant sightseeing resources such as history, nature, culture, food, etc., attracting 17 million domestic tourists annually. On the other hand, the number of foreign tourists is only about 16,000.

To increase continuous foreign travelers population, promote tourism measures based on data and measures to attracting foreigners.

In addition to offering push type information by digital DMO and wi-fi environment, establishing acceptance environment for digital payment, signage etc.


Health promotion with smart wellness

We will make the regional creation model area by setting the city as a demonstration field, and solving Japanese issues such as aging of population, progression of nuclear families, and lifestyle diseases with a pioneer spirit.

Develop public health and health data, PHR, maternal and child health business to solve public health problems based on Data Health Plan.

Promote the citizens' health-awareness by "visualizing" health status measured using some devices with smartphones and personal computers.

Enhancement of child rearing support; such as being able to browse infant checkup results and vaccination history from personal computers, smart phones, etc. in electronic version "Maternal and Child Health Information Service".


Expansion of educational environment using ICT

Aizu Wakamatsu city have promoted the sound development of young people with the "Aizukko Declaration" which inherits the traditional norm consciousness. And we regard the "Fostering the bearers of the 21st century who take pride in Aizu" as an issue, and put emphasis on ICT education as well There.

In 'Aizukoko + (plus)', disseminate information of Aizu Wakamatsu City Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and board of education unifie米 産地d. We have developed that communication style from "posting" to "delivering".

Early ICT Education by Digital Future Art Project

By experiencing ICT through play, children will be interested in ICT and lead to the future development of ICT human resources.


Improve productivity by Smart Agri

Aizu is a leading produce area of rice, and traditional vegetables have been produced. It is also a heavy snowfall area, and features fallow in winter.

Utilizing ICT technology for greenhouse cultivation, we aim to increase harvest volume and stabilize quality by promoting smart agriculture.

Convert agricultural technologies that rely on the experience and intuition of producers into data and promote an environment that is easy to produce even for farmers who have little experience.

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